beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Garden Cities

Close the gate

The branches sway

Ushering you inside

Your feet bare,

Blades of grass tickling

Between your toes

The air is sweet

Enough to make you drunk

With each breath

Take my hands,

Warm and rough

With soul work,

I am urgent

For you,

Guide them where you need them

Reading you

The slow, warm graze of my



Lips forming a seal

And drawing moisture

Suckling until you gasp

Push the cradle of your hips


I will plant you here

Firm into the earth of my


If I leave bruises

Dappled like spring shadows

Wear them as tattoos

Beneath a shower of petals

I would keep you with me

Fill you until you spilled over

Sweet and thick

Against my skin

Keep you here on the grass with me

The most beautiful bloom






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