beauty, love, poetry, women

myth with teeth.

when you left, i knew what icebergs felt when the water grew too warm to contain their weight and I broke for a time. Food had no taste and wine did not blunt the edge of feeling which came upon me. I was an errant boy again, wondering what i did wrong and when you sought to return, I still tasted blood on my lips and I was afraid of you going away again than I knew what to do with, thoughts as large as the moon in my skull and all the while having to keep my mask from slipping, nursing a wound where my heart was. You were always smarter than I and I wondered if I’d proven a disappointment, which was why I never asked you why but I chose to believe a myth with teeth,

a terrible myth with teeth.

I didn’t answer the questions because

it wasn’t in

me to

lie to you,

I would have taken

my armour off

and the myth with

teeth might

have decided not

to bite



but it feels

like blood






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