beauty, love, poetry, women

Fire and Shine

Holding hands

Watching the skies

Lurid, cosmic explosions

Regal cartoons drawn in flame

Skin gleaming from excitement

My girl

With her man

Open and playful,

Certain as I endure

The brittle boom

I’ve always enjoyed stars

And roaring oceans

But with you

I can bear

Kiss away my discomfort

Such as it is

Because I want to wrap my coat

Around you

Looking out for my girl

When you can look out

For yourself

Just I get it

Sometimes you want someone

Else to take the wheel

And moments of happiness

Break across my chest

I turn my eyes

Hide the shine of happy tears

But you know

As I know you

Each kiss

Each touch a spark

Held in abeyance

Until we can display

The fire within


Gleaming waterfalls

Of desire

Crashing, creating


Unlike the fire

Inside us




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