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An Excerpt From Until She Sings

This scene is different in the book, but I enjoyed it enough to keep and wanted to share it with you all.


He reached his left arm to support himself as he eased down into the chair. I put my hands to his face, stroking his beard as I kissed his smile. I clamped my thighs over his. I dipped my hips forward, driven with a need to have him closer. He was slow and gentle and it inflamed me. I threw myself against his supple body but it didn’t yield as I took him in my hands. I slipped his bottom lip between my teeth, biting into it. His fingers went to the waist of my jeans and unbuttoned me, his fingers weaving and dancing before he tried, to tug them down my hips. His slow authority made me wild with want and having given into this, everything had the volume turned up to it.

I pulled back to catch my breath, my face burning with heat as I looked at him. His expression made me ache and without taking my gaze off his face, I unbuttoned my blouse. My fingers were shaking, which made each button a challenge. The hunger in his eyes made me work harder. He had reduced and elevated me with the focus of his attention,

The heat grew as we rubbed against one another. It drew up into my stomach and it kept moving outwards. His hands swept around to my breasts. He trailed his kisses from my mouth down to my neck and I brought my left arm around him so I could hold him as he worked his lips there, setting a fire which moved through every vein, flooding my limbs with heat. Throwing myself against the calm, primal strength of him inflamed me, had me aching for more of it with a hunger larger than everything.

I ground myself against his crotch and his smile widened. He brushed my nipples through my bra and I reached my right hand around my back and unclipped it.

I took it off and tossed it aside. I lifted myself onto my knees and put my hands against his chest. I grazed my fingers through the soft hair on his chest, its tight, dark curls tickled my fingertips. My eyes were wide with fascination at the raw, sculptured power of his body.

‘Are you ok?’

I laughed.

‘Just needed to catch my breath. I love your body.’

He glided his hands down to my stomach. He made slow circles over my skin, tracing lines of fire which fed the heat inside me. My hands slipped up onto his shoulders and pushed off him. I stood up and met his gaze.

‘What do you want to do?’

I hooked the waistband of my jeans and tugged them down over my thighs and knees until they fell in a puddle around my feet. I stepped out of them, towards him and he sat up, bringing his hands out to claim me again.  A shiver of anticipation went through me, being nude before him made me new in his eyes, humming with lustful courage as his eyes roamed over me, a playful smile made my arousal stir like ancient force, a storm on the horizon, a fierce animal awaken from hibernation and every sense driven by hunger.

His touch was a whisper against my skin, mouth playing upwards. A right hand smoothed down from the curve of my right buttock, over the back of my leg and I shuddered when it came around to rest against the inside of my thigh. He kissed up and around, nuzzling my ribs underneath the swell of my breast.. The fullness of his attention robbed me of everything and gave me

I brought my left hand against the side of his head and pulled him to my nipple. I gasped as he took me between his lips. The blood raced around my body, overwhelmed by the heat brought into being by his touch.

He withdrew my nipple from his mouth and looked up at me, grinning as he moved his right hand closer to the crotch of my panties. He grazed the meat of his palm against my pussy and I lowered myself to meet it. My lips parted, dragging the cloth of my underwear against the edge of his hand. Between his hand and mouth, every nerve in my body sparked as he held his hand still, letting me take charge of my pleasure.

His mouth worked across my chest. He combined light kisses and the rasp of his tongue against the skin of my collarbone, working with his hand. I gave myself over to his touch. He turned his wrist and his fingertips pressed upwards. I wrapped my hands around the back of his head as he sucked my left nipple at the same time. The sensations overlapped and then his fingers moved.

I tangled my fingers through his hair, gasping as the pleasure became electric in the surrounding air. We did not speak in words, only sighs and the low, smooth sound of our breathing. I moaned as his fingers worked against the wet silk of my underwear. I reached and touched his forearm. He looked at me then plucked the cloth away. The tips of his fingers tickled my pubic hair before he found my clit. I growled with the force of it as it shot up into my head.

The tip of his finger teased me in slow, small circles. My chest rose as I took deep calming breaths, the tension moving upwards through my body until every inch of me tingled with need. I could not control my expressions and when I looked, he was studying my face for cues.

He stroked me and I gasped. He slid his finger down and brushed me between my labia. The gesture drew the moisture up then with the moistened tip of his finger he rolled it around my clit smooth and soft.

I went to say something but then he applied a little pressure with his finger and all the thoughts flew out of my head. He massaged me with the same gentle pressure as he had everywhere he touched me.

The tension roared through my bones until I could take no more. I gave myself over to it. I squeezed my eyes shut and bucked my hips against his hand. His left hand came to anchor me as I leaned forward and kept my hands tangled in his hair, deaf to the noises I made. The force of it lifted me upwards, my limbs tangled around his as we remained on the chair.

There was nothing but the sound of my heartbeat.

I buried my face into the crook of his shoulder. His hands brushed my hair. I looked at him. My eyes grew damp, and I touched his face.

‘You needed that,’ he said.

He smiled and brushed my hair away from my face as I folded myself into him. The muscles in my stomach and legs were heavy with a good ache and I drew my legs up so I was on his lap. I laid my head against his chest and listened to the deep, even rhythm of his breath.

‘I’ve been holding my breath since I met you,’ I said.

The vibrations of his words went straight through me as he spoke them.

‘I know just what you mean.’

I came up and rubbed his nose with my own. He smiled then turned his head to one side and kissed me again.

‘Yes, but so far all you’ve got is a cramp and sticky fingers.’

He gave a quiet laugh.

‘I got as much out of that as you did.’

I smiled and brought myself around so I was straddling him again. I looked down at the unzipped fly of his jeans.

His cock strained against the material of his underwear. I looked into his eyes and swallowed as I slid them down and reached for his cock. I curled my fingers around it, fascinated by the heat of it in my palm.. I looked at it and I stroked him. He lifted me, slipped off his jeans and kicked them away.

His muscular legs made me gasp with lust. The skin of his cock was soft and warm, stiff and yet, when I squeezed him, the life of him throbbed against my fingers. The ease of my hunger surprised me, the uncoiling lust that made me curious to touch him, to commit each texture, each throb, hair and vein to the memory of my hands.

He smiled and rested his right hand on my wrist as I watched his face. He sighed and tilted his head back, an easy grin on his face as he brought his hand up, resting it on the back of mine. I was gentle with him, but his erection wavered, and a burst of anxiety erupted in my chest. He slid his hand over mine and looked up at me.

‘Kiss me.’

I leaned forward and smiled as we kissed again.

‘Show me how you like it.’

From the first stroke, he stiffened. Unguarded bliss flitted across his face as I touched him.

I slid my hand up to take the head of his cock in my palm. He grinned at me.

I smiled back as I reached my left hand and stroked the tight skin of his testicles. He gasped. I let my fingertips dance over the flesh and maintained a steady rhythm with my right hand until he gave another breathy sigh. He bucked against my touch as the strain in his face grew until it cracked into a grin of ecstasy. He shot in three thick spurts, one of which splashed against the backs of my fingers. I gave a small giggle as I looked into his eyes and, on a whim, licked it from my fingers. He tasted thick and sweet.

He had a loose grin on his face. I watched him until he turned his head and looked at me. I tried to avoid his gaze, but he brought his hand to my face and turned me to look at him.

I glowed as he leaned forward to kiss me again.

‘Thank you,’ he said.

I kissed him again, then pulled back to put my hand between his shoulder blades, hungry to stroke the thick play of muscle there. The scar was beneath my fingers and I jumped, gasping in shock.

‘Shit. Sorry.’

He looked at my fingers, then back up at my face. He wore a small sad smile.

‘Tonight’s been the first time I’ve not thought about them in a long time.’

I teared up and he brought his arms around me. I put my head on his shoulder, surrendered to the warm authority of his embrace.

‘Tonight’s been the first night I’ve not thought about a few things.’

He planted a chaste kiss on the top of my ear and nuzzled my hair with his nose. Then he put his lips to my ear, his voice no louder than a whisper.



I leaned back on my elbows as he placed light feathery kisses against my collarbone. He brought his hands to cup my breasts. He bathed them with long slow licks of his tongue, so slow I arched my back to alleviate the tension it created within me.

My warm, wet flesh there. He kissed me with the same delicacy as he kissed my mouth, brief motions which set me on fire with the pleasure of it.

There was restraint here, he teased me with his tongue and lips. He gave a satisfied grunt before he dipped his head and the soft rough flat of his tongue dragged upwards. He used the wet, wild heat of mouth and his fingers to worship me in silence.



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