beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Dash, Chase, Catch,Kiss

With each breath

Eyes growing wide

Pupils thirsting

A perfect call to play

The great, glorious leap

Of hunger from loose, slippery

Wish to tangible intention

Let us dash against one another

Surrender to my rough, dark hands,

Instruments of deepest pleasure

I would chase you until your

Lungs burned with laughter

Catch you and cradle you

With kisses sweet as candied bullets

I do not compose

Love’s phantoms from imagined wishes

Only the pieces you’ve shown me

A collection, some dashed to pieces

Glued to retain strength

There is beauty in the laughing dance

Of us, towards and away,

I remain, ready to offer

Adventure, sweeping and delightful

As birds in flight

A cloud of golden whispers

Wrapping around you

Showing me the beauty

I’ve always found

Within you


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