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A Step Ashore

If each step

You took on land

Caused you agony

Then I would carry you

Your feet would

not touch

the ground

As the waves rolled onto

The shore

What transformations

You undertake to get here

Mirrored beneath my chest

A shrine of bone and blood

Your name chiselled

Into each rib

I am your rough protector

As well as your playmate

I do not come from pity

I dry your tears

Tell you I carry you

Because the floor is lava

And we play with

The serious attentions

Of children here

Hide nothing

I take you

Not to a bloody chamber

But a fort made from

Out of season illuminations

Random stacked objects

All this, not as a sacrifice

Nor a duty

We are easy to love

Let you lay you down

Not because you are heavy

But I am




Enough to chase away

Your pain


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