beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women


Gilded by sunlight
Coffee, brewed to potent darkness
Hangs in the air like hotel polish
My hand at your cheek
Warm and rough
Like a dog’s enquiry
Offering the delight
Of my attention
The low, soft lilt
Of the words I wrote for you
Making your winged soul
Tickled with attention
How I come from my world
A breath apart
To yours
Taking pleasure in the differences
Invitation extended
Without recrimination
An embrace taut as leather
Crisp understanding
And a wave of forceful
Desire to wash over you
Go about your day, darling,
Saturated in my love,
A moment taken from my own
Empire’s grace
Offered to you
A drop of rain, pure and sweet
Hitting the surface of your heart’s ocean
One drop
One drop
One drop

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