beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Soaked and Nestled

Soaked in sunlight

Nestled in the sand

You, laid against me

Skin slick with oil

Public and private

In the same instant

My mouth to your ear

As much as I want you

Now, let me take


As my instrument

Of delicious torture

My deep, rough voice

Is an envoy

From a place of pure pleasure

Where I do all the things

I want to you

Make you shy

And flushed with detail

Do you want me to tell you


All the things I am going

To do to you

With my mouth

My fingers

Pressed beneath

Held above


Tested until you break

And spill your feminine

Energies all over me

And we will wallow in it

Like animals frolicking in water

Splashing and laughing

If there are bruises

Let’s agree not to apologise

Your thoughts are stars in my sky

Your feelings are my meat

The sun is setting

It cannot bear our mutual heat

Can it?

Come with me,

I will take you away

In order to return

So that the sea

Might broil at the heat

Of our recollection


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