Resolved Roughness

Resolved in the rough pursuit

Of purpose

I walk at a pace

Determined yet you can keep up

If you try

I am patient, not from weakness

But from knowledge of myself

The animal nature that I see

Each breath a prayer

A statement of intention

Sourced in the quiet strength

That I know who I am

Where I am going

That you are constant change

Sometimes an enigma

Even to yourself

Awash with feelings

Of all colours and volumes

Housed in a beauty

You seldom trust when it’s existence

Is pointed out to you

I see it

And the rich seams of precious gem underneath

That sometimes need a rough pair of hands

A firm command and a resilience to

Remain in the face of it

Before it’s discovery.

To fuck you hard

And rough until you are full

To the point of eruption

Then fuck you beyond it

And in the afterwards

Hold you tight and make you

Feel like the princess you are


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