beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Fuse Your Heart To Me

Follow your

Bliss it will

Guide you true

How my desire

Guides me towards

An expression of

Animal intention

That I offer

Adventures festooned with laughter

Your beauty makes me

Child-like before it

I want to run and play

With you

Then lay you down

And play with you

Sometimes rough

With the need

To penetrate your mood

Through into love

That flows like sweetest wine

Sometimes gentle as prayer

Precise as surgery

Delivered into my hands

I bring out the flow of

Your divine femininity

I know myself,

Offering that certainty

For you to rest against

Or impale yourself


Like you’re trying to move

Some sweet constellation

Stitched across your bones

And with each thrust

Each kiss

To fuse it to my heart.


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