beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women


I own my



Dark and light

Like the choice of meat

At Sunday lunch

I own it all

The urge to ravish

For you to feel me

Without restraint

I own my loneliness

The drawn out ache of it

I own my fire

My earth

My air

My water

I own the animal

That I am

And the art that

I make

I am unchanging in the way of


Alive and remaining open

Even through the pain

But touch me

Kiss me

Let me be the man

To you

Surrender freely

Or die and be reborn in the breaking

Careful play of it

Where I restrain you

With a surgeon’s care

In order to fuck the breath

From you

Because your beauty

Found in the smallest bursts

Of delighted observation

Feeds me.

It is mine

I own it.


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