beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Thoughts As I Looked At You

I do not force decisions

Onto you

I match your intensity

Penetrate your mood

When it is foreign and dark to me

Standing full, present


Until we pass through


And you find your trust in me

Free and loving

Within your chaos

Breath full

Body strong

Cracking the shell of

You and massaging warm

Love into the cracks

In your silence

You will settle for nothing less

Than my divine masculine

Relaxing in your radiance

Settle in the direction

Plant your roots

In the soil of my certainty

As I would plant them in you

You, with your precious gem eyes

Your skin, the brush of silk

Your smooth, graceful limbs

The soft roll of your flesh

Your throat a golden vase

Supple, penetrating thoughts

I aim to capture it

In lines such as these

The failing is sweet

So, in lieu,

Let me lay you down

Part you with my fingers

Kiss words into the damp

Hidden heat of you

It is mine to drink from

Drop by drop.


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