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Writing Update

I am 230 pages into Lawful Evil now. I’ve expanded the third act, based on some of the changes I made in the transition between the exploratory draft and this one. It is a leaner, more concise read, which is appropriate for the genre.

I work on the book each day, and as I ramp up towards finishing this one, my focus tends to hone towards getting across the line and onto the next one. I am starting to feel that ‘new book’ itch again but I have another first draft to edit plus I want to keep room in my schedule for the notes on the two other books my agent is reading through.

There is always the work, even if everything else falls to shit. No matter how I am feeling or what ails me, I still turn up and do the work. Inspiration is great and I treasure its arrival, but I don’t rely on it. I mean, I don’t know if these books will all find homes but I accept that as the price of having skin in the game.

I have plans for a couple of self-publishing projects, collated from what I post here. The Ogden Review warrants editing and filling in some of the gaps left by the enthusiastic rush to post episodes and I have a large body of poetry and short fiction to draw upon as well.

I never run out of ideas and there are always projects in the pipeline because to me, I aim to act like a professional even though there’s not been any money in it. These last few years have been about a journeyman’s experience, learning and developing as I go, I don’t necessarily rate myself but that hunger drives me to improve and push myself artistically and professionally. I love what I do, I do it each day and the more I learn, the more nuance and courage I find in the practice.

I like using challenges and prompts to test myself, especially where I am weakest on the page and each one builds courage for future projects.  I know who I am and what I want, and I work towards that each and every day. Thank you for coming along this with me. Any time you read something or like it, it is a rewarding experience and I genuinely appreciate it.



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