beauty, love, poetry, sex, women

Black Rainbow

The time spent alone

Was an education.

I have learned to speak

Through the filter of


I have established a new lexicon

Of emotions and sensations

The fibrous ache in my stomach

Is a dull razor blade

Drawn in neat vertical strokes

Into the taut meat of my stomach

Loneliness adds a flavour to my


Somewhere between stale cigarettes

And cheap furniture polish

What has proven fortunate

Is that there good sensations

Loving colours

To mitigate

The low, green hum of appreciative silence

Sweet, pink blossoms of possibility

Velvet stretches of the future

The red and rough company I keep

The tender fog of dreams

Where I feel your breath on my skin

Our lover’s breath intertwined

I collect these sensations

Catalogued and described

In the language of flavour

And sensation

Held in my heart’s library

My eloquence of spirit

My call to action

To purpose that keeps

Me company when

No one’s around

The black rainbow inside me

Has colours added to it

If you were to ask me

I would show you



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