beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

A Little Danger

Lift your arms

Press your wrists together

You smile at the anticipation

Of your needs being met

A little danger,

A lot of play

Lips shining from the welts

The bruises I could leave

A million possibilities

One for every inch of your

Beautiful, soft skin

Surrender your independence

Your comfort

I offer up something more

I will push you past

All that you’ve known

Careful and observant in my command

Knowing you without speaking

Armoured in my stoicism

You will be worked hard,

My love, because you are sassy

And warrant a beautiful discipline

Come to me,

I will make you sweat and shudder

Begging for the release

And I will keep you there

Until you feel at home

Amongst it

Where you have always been



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