A Possibility of Flight

Let us be child-like

Not childish

With one another

Let me take you

On adventures

Steadfast as I am

There is still

A wildness

A possibility of

Playful flight

Within me

Let us leave your anxieties

In the departure lounge

Whilst you and I

Slip away

Hands slipping under

One another’s clothes

To have you graze

The fur on my chest

For my fingers

To bite and pinch

To coax peaks of pleasure

From your flesh

Until you gasp

Twisting and shuddering

Like a sudden spring shower

Golden with pleasure

Damp like the grass underfoot

For you to be held

With a force that overpowers

The chattering birds

Of thought and doubt

For you to have

The freedom to be



That I would dress you

Each day

And undress you too

Swept away by the

Glorious strength

Of my certainty

How I would taste you

Before daybreak

Until your beauty

Grew too bright

To bear

And spent, you would

Crawl into my arms

Babbling sweetness

Like a mountain stream

Rediscovered after so long

A time lost

And I would hold you

And I would hold you






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