beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women


Let the cereal

Alone in their cardboard fortresses

Leave the bacon asleep

I will make you my breakfast

As the blue light of day

Eases across the sky

Open your thighs

Sigh at the merry trail of kisses

Down your warm stomach

So wet there

That it feels like it’s breathing



Let me kiss poetry

Into your bones

Before the day begins

I would feed your

Beauty with attention



Hot and silent

Intense in these tight

Knots of moment

I would make you believe

Without pleading

In your beautiful


My animal sweetness

Would drink from you

To quench my thirst

And you would go about

Your day

Awash with the rasp

Of my tongue

My silken lips

Leaving their press

To carry with you

Smiling and flushed

With the memory

Of how your days begin




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