beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

A Gentle Man

In every breath

Kneeling before me

Safe in your surrender

Knowing that however

Far I take you

We bring comfort with us

That, for all the bruising

Shunting, exacting animal play

Of me, I know the art

Of tenderness in the moments


That you at your most

Raw, capricious,

Still know I am the earth

The sky

Test yourself

Against me

For me

I am the prize

To be earned

With demonstrations


Tactile and tangible

As you feel my thick

Hairy thighs between yours

Look to see my warm, smiling

Eyes between your thighs

How the depth of my kisses

There draw out the sweet oil

Of you

Flammable to the spark of my

Primal soul’s intentions

I offer up feeling

Rather than thought

Action other than task

A gentleman

But not always

A gentle



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