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Wolf Statute

I breathe into your lungs

A wind for the singing of

Your songs

I write intense

And holy words

To remind you

Of who you are

So many go through

Life crippled

By the maintenance of

Impeccable persona

But I love the flaws

The storms

And flash fires of you

Your hips are handles

For love

Legs to form a circle

Around me

I speak and dance

Beneath the light

Of my known heart’s


I am not shocked

When you fall through

My door

I will not rush you in panic

Seeking to stifle

I will wait

Pick you up and hold you

A wolf becomes a statute

In the presence of danger

Or pleasure

And with you, my love

I know both.

But my lack of movement

Is not inertia

Come closer

Show me who you are

I already know

But I like to be shown

Once in a while



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