Writing Updates

I have reached the 120 page on Lawful Evil, which means that the first pad of longhand has been typed up and edited. There have been some changes, mostly for the sake of clarity and a few scenes, which although pleasing to have written and read, don’t move the story forward.

I am waiting for notes on Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere, which I hope to have by the end of the week. It’s the project that I went into after Until She Sings, and was very different from it’s predecessor so once Lawful Evil is done, I will be working on that.  Strange Lights still sits in exploratory but the longer I leave it, the more cogent the editing will be. I have also made notes towards roughly three future projects, one of which has an outline, whilst the other have character and background notes, sketches essentially to capture some of what I aim to put into the stories themselves.

I am always about my purpose, which is writing and the more that I do, the hope is that I improve and develop so that when the opportunity arises, someone will see me as a worthwhile investment. I love what I do, but I also act professionally about it and put my energy into the things I can control. Which is, at this stage, the work.

If you want to check me out other places, I  am on Facebook as https://www.facebook.com/matt.blissett.1

Twitter as @mbblissett


I am down to the last 100 pages of Lonesome Dove, which is exquisite and moving then will be diving into The Count of Monte Cristo which is a stunning book and a genuine classic.

There will be more poetry and short fiction coming this week too, please share and comment, as it is always good to know that someone is reading.

Thank you for reading.




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