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But trying to be good

Not analysed

Or following careful

Chains of logic

You are the weather

The ocean

Test my capacity

To open you

i wield

Unwavering consciousness

Imperturbable love

You will live more

Fully within that

Trust in my


You are not a backyard pool

You are an ocean

Without walls

And I do not drape you

In chains of analysis

Talking to the dull

Aim of fixing you


It is my power

To know myself

To have plotted a course

To show such strength

In my consciousness

That you can let go

Dance wildly and without


To thrash in loving surrender

Until your skin flushes and your

Heart thumps against your ribs

Until you soak the sheets beneath

And scream my name

Rest against my purpose

All I ask of you

Is to know your


To express it

In the art of

Feminine divinity

Fingers holding needles

Diving through cloth

Scratching pen against paper

Where I will offer

Its opposite

And so, here

We know

What power is



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