beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Sometimes, I am rough


I am rough with need


But not controlled

I am comfortable with silence

I listen to you

Watching your lips move

My hand on your knee

Thinking about ravishing you

Pulling your hair

My fingers


Our mouths at play

The soft fur of my beard

Against your cheek

We collide against one another

You beg for my fury

To open you up

A sweet domination

Commanding you through the

War between thought

And feeling

My action

My intention

Ask my permission

For your release

I may not always give it

Just to watch you fail

Disciplining you

With the good hurt

I am a man

Animal in nature

Romantic in the way of good earth

An honest heart

Directed to purpose

My time with you

Is complement

To the pulse of consciousness

That I am

Giving voice to the

Rough beast inside me

Capturing in words

What I feel when

I touch you


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