A Winged Permission

MB Blissett



It had snatched her whilst she looked out over the castle battlements at sunset. The rush of mighty wings, an intake of breath and then it’s claws wrapped around her waist and pulling her free. In the air, she kicked and screamed, writhing in it’s inexorable grip. It flew through the night and when it landed, she looked around and saw that she was far from home.

The tower itself was carved from a single piece of obsidian, and the door ahead of her had been left open. She looked up into the dragon’s eyes, each the size of a shield and glowing with a bronze light and began to whimper.

‘Please, I am Princess Dawn, daughter of King Patrick, you must release me.’

It shook it’s head and raised a claw, pointing to the doorway.

‘Inside. Now.’

It’s voice was a slow bank of chill fog, implacable and…

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