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On Talking About Writing.

I sometimes talk about writing in a brusque, taciturn way, much like I do about a lot of things in real life. My concern is that it comes across that I view writing as something almost cruel and dry, a soul masochism that chips your nails and makes your mouth taste of grit. Write the fucking book, which might work for some of you but it’s not all I feel about writing.

It often is a thing of wonder for me. I do it everyday because it’s something I can do, for the most part, alone. If my ambitions were to get eyes on things I’ve written, then this blog serves as a triumph of sorts. I have people read my work from countries I’ve never visited, which is really wild. We take so much for granted with technology, always looking ahead to some platonic ideal but in truth, if we looked backwards we would be in awe of what we have.

So, yes writing, like any art allows for the slightly abrupt, drill sergeant approach which can be pared down into drills and practices as well as the woo, sprinkled with fairy dust magical thinking approach. My attitude to it is sourced in a lot of passion about the potential without being especially pretentious about it. You can learn the basics, and it lends itself to a deeper enjoyment of the experience. A little nuance goes a long way and for me, the more I’ve learned, the more I’ve come to find that there are new challenges and prizes to award myself within that.

Writing saves lives. It saves souls, and even the most earnest, clumsy effort lightens your life in ways that will continue to surprise and delight you. It draws people to you, either to serve as shining examples or horrible warnings, friends, lovers, companions and peers. There’s a community of people who are all after the same thing and each of them either knows or believe they know the path to get there. Or are honest in admitting that they don’t care, or have a clue and are too busy enjoying the journey to care either way.

I am into the second draft of Lawful Evil, and I think that I will talk about editing in an upcoming post. There is a lot of writing advice out there, and some of it comes from those who have produced nothing but writing advice, which is great and I would never stop them from doing that, but I have written and gotten to a stage where my experiences reflect more of the everyday than perhaps is intimated. It is not for me to say that my advice is any better, but it is informed from a different perspective. More working class/blue collar than anything else, but I like to speak as I find, and I am passionate about writing.

The important thing is not to be so passionate that you spend more time talking about it than doing it. Or get so immersed in the gathering of advice that you use it to prevent yourself from doing it.

Talk to you soon, thank you for reading.



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