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Updates On Writing and Reading. 2017

In 2016, I finished 4 first drafts, sent a final draft off to the agent for submission to publishers this month which is Until She Sings, my second book.

I read somewhere in the region of 300 books in the last twelve months, which is based on library loans and what I have on the Kindle. I do read quickly, but it’s not always the same speed with each book as sometimes the text demands that I slow down and savour the work a little more than normal.

I go by Stephen King’s maxim that reading is the key to good writing. Don’t use that as a stick to beat yourself with, I oftentimes wonder if what I do verges on obsession, but the truth of it is, I was a reader before I ever became a writer and there are a  great many books you will have read that I have not, and vice versa. We’re not in competition, and I put up the amount I read because it came up in conversation with a friend of mine and I was interested myself.

So, this year, I will be continuing to put my work out there. It is my purpose and I keep working to improve, or at least, not lose anything I have gained to inertia and apathy. I am at work on the second draft of Lawful Evil, and hit the 40 page mark of that today so that will occupy the next few months and then, circumstances permitting, will either be resuming work on Until She Sings or will be working on something new in a first draft, or working on Strange Lights in second draft. It probably sounds tedious, but it marks a progression of the process for me, and the aim was always to act like a professional even when no one was paying me money or attention.

In April, my short story, Women and Children First, will be published in Infernal Ink magazine which I am looking forward to sharing with you all.

So, the work continues, for those of who are new here, hi I am Matt, please feel free to drop me an email via the About page, and if anyone wants to collaborate on anything, I would be amicable to suggestions.

Thank you for reading my work. Please don’t be shy about commenting, and I will always try to return the courtesy. I know as much as anyone that writing can be lonely at times, and we should support one another where we can.

Welcome to 2017, we’re all just walking one another home, eh?



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