Two Pages (07/11/16)


I’m now 65 pages into Strange Lights, the second act is always the roughest part of a first draft, a period without the enthusiasm of the first or the determination of the third, and it’s where the majority of the book happens. It’s a change of location, and a focus on a character who has been spoken of, but not seen until this point. There is tension in these scenes, and I’m really enjoying writing in a voice entirely different from the previous books I’ve written. It is said that good writing is almost on the verge of being embarrassed by it, but openness and earnestness draw rancour from some people. On the page, I put my heart and my mind. It is where I am free, to play and wrestle with my thoughts and feelings. Fiction is a wonderful playground.

I have been reading a few books.  A collection of Joyce Carol Oates’ short fiction, which was fantastic. The First Bad Man by Miranda July was a great surprise, polymorphous, unapologetic and incredibly moving in it’s telling. I also finished Wake by Elizabeth Knox, which was a powerful blend of psychological and supernatural elements, all handled with a knowing delicacy and ambiguity.  You can become drunk on books, and I find that a concerted amount of reading allows me to be bold in the writing.

The aim is to get Strange Lights to 100 pages then start a second draft of Lawful Evil, editing as I transcribe from longhand and giving it a polish as I go.

Thank you for reading.


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