Two Pages (29/10/16)


I am now eleven pages into the new book, it’s starting to find it’s voice, and the balance between the language and the story is pleasing. You learn from your failures in writing, and those lessons are the soil from which your next work grows. For instance, I’m far more aware of narrative tension as a tool to keep the reader interested. Asking questions, and then delaying the answers until the need is great, but not so much that you run out of road and have to answer them in breathless, deathless bursts of prose.

I’ve been reading a bunch of Barry Eisler’s work on the Kindle, as it’s available via Kindle Unlimited, which is firmly in the groove of muscular, propulsive techno-thriller. The latter books lose a little momentum but they were enjoyable and easy reads, and reflect Eisler’s growth and focus as he goes on. If anyone is heir apparent to Tom Clancy, then I would recommend Barry Eisler as he does a good job. His latest, Livia Lone, was superb and I hope that he writes more about her as the balance between story and action made it a poignant and involving read.

I have also enjoyed Dear Thief by Samantha Riven, which is an educated, meditative book that also happens to be awash with grief and eroticism, written in an epistolary style, which is a narrative device that can lead to navel gazing that alienates the reader. Here, though, Riven crafts a story that is humane, poignant and full of painful truths. It moved me quite deeply, and it’s one that I would recommend to anyone with the strength to bear it’s truths.

I will be posting some more work later today, so I hope that you will have something that enlivens your weekend. Thank you for reading.


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