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Two Pages (10/10/16)


  • Yesterday was good, worked on Lawful Evil as there are lots of exciting scenes to work through and I wanted to maintain momentum, plus it makes wine of strong emotion so it was a pleasure to escape into the pages for a while. I wrote again, this morning and I wonder if there is some sort of resistance to Until She Sings going on subconsciously but acknowledging it means that I can deal with it.
  • I like to work regularly on a new piece until it’s finished, with consistency. If I go more than two days without writing, it becomes stilted and takes longer for me to get beneath the skin of the characters. I suppose it’s a matter of being more aware of the fact that I am writing than simply writing, so I work on the principle of writing every day, much like you would brush your teeth and wash your face. On the days that I don’t feel like writing, I still write. I don’t have the pleasure of deadlines, other than the cosmic ones that we all face, but I figure that if I act like a professional, then when those demands arise, I can handle them.
  • There are a few people on Twitter who appropriate the joke tweets and even jokes of other comedians, they change a phrase or two, but side by side you can tell it’s the same joke. They blithely resist the arguments put to them, by wan shrugs and saying that it’s just jokes, as though they spring from the subconscious like fruited apples in an orchard. That someone has crafted them means nothing, and sadly, some of these people have built careers on it.
  • However, I would argue that every man is heir to their own karma and at some point, they will rise to a point where they cannot rely on the work of others to pass off, and when there is a big deal on the horizon, dangled before them and they have to show original, good work for distribution, they will have nothing.
  • In an age where there are programs that you can cut and paste text into, to tell if it matches your suspicions, plagiarism is pointless and the tactic of ‘no response’ is fairly damning in and of itself. Don’t do it, kids, it’s cheap and pointless and it guarantees that your dreams of success will be evaporated out of need or desperation. You might cling on in some fashion but otherwise you are persona non grata.
  • You might get away with it, but you will never get away from it.  Work on your own stuff. There’s no original ideas but there are original interpretations and perspectives that are unique to you. I want to read and watch original things that I’ve not seen before, and I think we are all starved of that sometimes. We shouldn’t be because it is out there, bands selling their work direct on Bandcamp, writers supported by fans on Patreon, innovators looking for funding for projects on Kickstarter but we don’t want to spend any more time than we have to do on looking, really.
  • Thank you for reading, please leave comments and questions below.



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