Courage takes many forms.

The Misadventures of MHC

One thing that has changed this year is my ability to step outside my comfort zone.

I had managed to do this in London, but after eight months out here, I was a skittish, fragile, broken person. It was like something or someone had sucked the life out of me, forced me to walk on eggshells so we could never displease the master. I stopped feeling confident in my own interests, because they were stupid. I stopped feeling proud of my work performance, as I was told that my coworkers only liked me because it made them happy & everyone just wanted to please them. It was like a vampire had sucked every ounce of my soul out of me & I was too deliriously in love and too physically ill to notice. But everyone around me noticed my trip to Stepford & would remind me of all the things…

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