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Two Pages (209/09/16)

Last night, I edited chapters 23 – 24 of Until She Sings, paring back some rough spots but mostly adding details and narrative colour to them. The story is solid, so it’s a matter of subtlety and adding swatches of background as per my agent’s notes.

This morning, I dropped the hammer on events in Lawful Evil. It was enjoyable to write, having seen those scenes in countless interpretations, it was a little bit daunting to try and add to the lexicon but still, it felt really good to have landed it and have tomorrow’s session to really start going deep into the story. Not that I haven’t been already, but now I get to play with different sorts of tension, obligatory scenes and continue to add power to the work I’ve already done.

I am in a good place right now, between the two projects, I have a constant distraction from whatever doubts and frustrations creep into play. If one stymies me, I move onto the other and then when that loses it’s flavour, I have the other work. That is in addition to the short fiction but I work on that when time allows. I have to prioritise whatever is going to advance my purpose the most and that boils down to:

What work is there that someone is waiting for?

My agent has sent me notes in order to ensure the best possible chance of it being published. There’s a lot of competition and I won’t be lazy about what could be my first book. If it isn’t, then I have learned things and developed so that when I work on subsequent projects, I will have a wider array of tools to work from.

Lawful Evil is part of ensuring that if I am asked about anything new, then I can talk about it. Keeping working is important, it feels strange if I don’t write every day, so I maintain that practice but not at the expense of my obligations and responsibilities. I still have She’s Here and Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere but they’ve had solid edits and will just need a voluntary edit on my part to see where the sticking points are and then apply the experiences that have been part of my writing life since then.

It’s not enough to show up, you have to show up with the things that you have done. It builds courage and determination, which you will need. It’s important to see the frustrations, the time it takes as good problems to have. I know that I am heading in the right direction and that it’s lack of velocity is not down to any flaw on my part. I want my books to entertain and generate emotion, I want to tell the best possible story because that work is going out with my name on it. If someone wants to spend money on my work, then I owe it to them to offer up the best possible book. Perfect is the enemy of the good, but as a professional, I aim for it regardless.

Thank you for reading. Please leave comments, questions etc below.


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