Two Pages (28/09/16)

Four pages written since this last entry and have started editing from my agent’s notes for chapters 22 -33 of Until She Sings. I have done 22 so far, and it feels like a different book already. Which is a good thing.

I believe in working on the story first, sometimes to the expense of the more obvious emotional flourishes but that focus means I have been fortunate to avoid any major reconstruction of the book. I have moved beyond the brute, blunt tools into the subtle distinctions, from macro to micro and I am excited to continue on with it.

Lawful Evil is now ramping up into the darkest section of the book, where my aim is to exist with the tension, as well as continue to advance the internal plot without dismissing it. You need both for a good story, the intangible growth of spirit and experience next to the external banging of the drum. An explosion or a gun being fired has more power if there is meaning behind it. It took the previous books and the gathering of experience and confidence to get to a point where I could tackle a crime thriller without being paralysed by self doubt.

So, work-wise, I have two main projects as well as short pieces that I am revising and none of it feels exactly like work to me. There is never enough time to do it all, but I don’t resent my day job at all. It allows me to come away from the writing, to have the pleasure of knowing that I have attended to my purpose and will return to it. My ambitions are sourced in my purpose, and my purpose is sourced in my ambitions. I’m not entering reality tv competitions, I am altering my reality and waiting for the world to catch up. It’s tough going sometimes, there are moments of melancholy contemplation but the cure for that is to get on with it and get it done.

Tonight, I will be looking at chapter 23 and working on a short piece for submission to an anthology in November as well as a piece for here. Another Ogden episode is being mulled over as well, so I am always working, in one way or another. It’s the best game in the world and I keep playing and finding new ways to tell stories with the tools I have to hand.



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