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Two Pages (25/09/16)

I’ve moved the story back into the main story again. I reserve the right to emote on the page and the ending, well I’m not sure I landed it. I will go back to it in the next draft and find another way to tell it, if it needs it.  Happiness is sometimes more difficult to write about than anguish, which is why it’s sometimes so fleeting.

A good ending is not always a happy one, so long as it is true to the story.

I did another batch of editing on Until She Sings yesterday and will do some more today. I am waiting for notes from the agent, but am having another look through regardless. I look to make it smooth, the story works but there’s always room for improvement with the writing. A different way to phrase a sentiment. It’s a lot of practice but it shows up in the finished work. I don’t want to look stupid with something that has my name on it. We risk embarrassment when we write but should not invite it unduly.

I have another short story developing. As I develop craft, I find myself going over it more. Some time away gives it perspective and armed with that, you can spot the flaws and excise them.

Mostly though, it’s Lawful Evil.

It’s important that I spend a lot of time reading I am reading Different Class by Joanne Harris at the moment and it is great. Observed, chilling and emotionally engaging, it really is a pleasure. There’s a lot you can learn from understanding how a writer does something. You go with ideas not ideology and remain open to what you are feeling.

I have books that I will revisit. Marcus Aurelius’ book of letters and also I want to finish The Tao of Pooh because that is delightful. I enjoy studying those books for practices and a way to think through my issues and ideas. Before the new season of Game of Thrones, I usually reread A Song of Ice and Fire, but it’s probably unnecessary as the show has gone on past the published books.

Please leave comments and questions below. Thank you for reading.



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