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Two Pages (21/09/2016)

200 pages.

It’s all written in longhand or cursive but to me it’s pencil and paper. I do that because it allows me to avoid the powerful distraction of the internet and it’s private, I can’t readily share it so I have the freedom and discipline to explore the story and the idea. It’s mostly two pages a day but there have been some sprints of inspiration where I’ve just gone on with what I am feeling. I understand myself to know that the exhausted enthusiasm doesn’t lend itself well to the things that stay in a book. This morning was still in the point of the book where it’s a different tense, a character recollecting a terrible past, which will pay off later in the book.

I am also working on edits for Until She Sings, mostly copyediting and a polish but the majority of it is done, including my agent notes, which have been massively useful for me in terms of making the story viable for an audience.

It’s not a bad thing, making sure that your story works for an audience. In the same way that you need a net, two bats and a ball to play tennis, then you should look to how you tell your story. No one has a reason to read your work, no one gives a shit and all you can do is ensure that it’s as good as you can make it. You can make it better, and if not, kill it and start something new. Writing for me, is about using the lessons from the previous project to inform the latest one, and the more conscious writing that I do, soliciting feedback and then actually listening to it, the better it gets. I can’t influence the marketplace, I cannot walk into the dreams of publishers and readers but I can make sure that the book is the best that I can possibly make it.

I may not be able to compete with kitten videos (why would I? those things are amazing) but I can produce something that I am proud of, or at least don’t feel ashamed of. My youthful iconoclastic experiments mean nothing, I don’t seek to disparage others or reinvent the wheel with my writing. I want to entertain you and make you feel things. I believe fundamentally in the power of the word to change people but I am no preacher and this is no pulpit. I work in an office, and happy to do so, but my ambitions reach further than that. Everyone is a writer these days, and a publisher too, which is fantastic but I believe that the good stuff finds it’s own level and I aim to go from competent to good. Great isn’t something that you can appoint yourself to, and I am not great at all. I work hard at it, I aim not to be an asshole to people (don’t always succeed in that) I learn from my mistakes and I focus on what’s important to me.

Thank you for reading this, if you have comments or questions, please leave them below.


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