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Two Pages (18/09/16)

This morning was a big scene, answering a question which is what the resolution of narrative tension is, in essence. I finished The Night Eternal by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan yesterday, the last part of the trilogy (it is the books that the tv show The Strain is based on, and no I don’t watch it, tried the pilot and couldn’t get into it) and the last part of a trilogy tends to be where all the questions get answered.

The intensity of the tension comes from both the question and the delay in your answer. It is a balancing act that if you fall off, can take the reader out of the atmosphere entirely. Today was a good session and it read well, smooth when spoken aloud and I finished it with a sense of achievement beyond the simple fact of finishing.

My routine most days is the following:

  • 0400 – 30 minutes meditation, then coffee.
  • Writing two pages.
  • Writing this journal.

I do that because no matter what else the day throws at me, I know that I have written. It’s not about finding the time to write, it’s about never having enough time to do all the things that I want to do. I have not made any money from writing but I treat my practice like I am. I am professional about remaining consistent and focused, about improving myself artistically and technically, whilst also not taking myself especially seriously. I am not looking to fill a void in myself with success, I love telling stories and getting better at telling them. The process is it’s own reward, and after a bit of contemplation on some experiences, I’ve sought to adapt my expectations to love the work more than the outcome and to see rejection in context. I work hard at it but it seldom feels like work to me.

It’s the most glorious form of play, and the more that I have aligned my life around it, the happier I have become. It’s a good way to inure yourself against the fear of missing out, to turn down the volume on the crap that doesn’t matter and when you are focusing on other important issues and obligations, you can do so from a place of calm where you can give things your full attention.

Whatever works is my mantra. I work on my own thing, help others if they ask and keep moving forward with my goals. I sometimes doubt, but the cure to that is to keep writing, find a friendly shoulder to talk about what you are going through. I joined a writing group in February and that’s been a delightful experience, a constant source of motivation and a group of peers who get the nuances and frustrations of the writing experience. Writing is my purpose, I seek publication and success because my aim to write full time and I need money to do that, or some biological hack so I don’t have to sleep anymore. I know what the odds are, but I could not stop myself from writing. That’s why I seek to do more of it.

Thank you for reading, please leave comments and ask questions, if you’ve a mind to.




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