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Two Pages (14/09/16)

I’m into a scene that brings back the external plot which was a relief. When you’re threading these things together, I often struggle with where to end something and start something else but not to do so in a way that cheats the reader out of closure. I like to end a scene as soon as possible, starting as late into it as I can and making sure there’s a change of value inherent within that. It can be artificial, but oftentimes I work on faith and instinct that there’s a point where you risk exhaustion but can slip evocatively into the next scene.

If not, editing fixes most things.

The writing is stronger, not simply due to working to a grid, because I often delve into moments between characters, have to review it and give myself the problem of moving things back into line but it’s also a lot of reading, contemplation and experience. You get better by doing it consciously. If you do the same thing over and over, if you put up work that’s not edited or ready simply for the hit of recognition and validation then you’re storing up problems in private. News flash, snowflake, not everything I do is gold and it’s the same for all of you too. What you can do is make sure that you’re present with your work, not faux agonies or pretension, but looking to improve without it being a fool’s errand. My latest manuscript is better than my first one, it took thousands of pages to get there but I can see the difference and so can others.

I believe in allowing things to simmer, to develop and retain before throwing it all out there for people. As cheerful amateurs, some of us take it too far, and I speak from experience but as much as it stung, it was a valuable tool by which to gauge my future work. On the other side of that, there’s the paralysis/procrastination element but you find a balance between the two that suits your level.

Keep going is a refrain that sounds like a verbal tic, but I say it because it works and I spent a long time procrastinating about writing before I learned to finish anything. Sometimes I wonder if that was for the best, in having lived and been hurt, and able to write about things that I have experienced or know those who have, that gave me a body of material to draw from. If I had been writing at eighteen? Who knows, we only have the moment that we are in and those moments for me are opportunities to write and live and love.

As it should be.

I’m also, spurred by rejection, writing short stories. There are some on here but these ones are being worked on with a view to collecting rejections, I am aiming for 100.


Please leave questions, comments and insults below.


Don’t leave insults, the world is awash with that and I don’t really want to contribute.



One thought on “Two Pages (14/09/16)

  1. A goal for rejection? Well, I hope you never hit that number!

    The story grid sounds like a really useful tool. Something I might need to try.

    I like the mantra ‘keep going’. So much of life gets in the way of our art, yet art is the best means to enhance life. I’ve gotten stuck recently on the story I’m writing and find that when I push myself past those moments, the writing is that much better for it.

    I hope that you’ll continue on with Ogden on here as it’s my favorite on going blog series. Definitely looking forward to more about Avery. 🙂


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