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A message

Arranged across
Crisp white sheets
Speaking in touch
My oiled fingers
Wielded in service
With each stroke
My breath deepens
You cannot know
The control it takes
To simply touch you
A focus like
The light across your skin
Beguiling as your face
Close your eyes
Surrender to
My strength
Ten points of
Exquisite torture
Slow as anticipation
You are safe in my hands
My bold wandering
Finds all your
Sweetest spots
With a gentle force
Angled with my palm
A slow convulsive wonder
As my fingertips
Send a message to Grafenberg
And your body answers
An immature urge
Was to penetrate
But my passion
To touch
Is indulged here
Until you roll with
Eyes shining with bliss
And invite
Without speaking
For me to taste


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