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To watch my fingers
Dance between your thighs
Is to watch leaves dance on branches
Birds singing
To be blessed with sunlight
I ache for you
We feed one another
A symphony
Of stinging blow
And tender invasive touch
I carry the scent of your sex
Taste it in each swallow
Even away from the flame of lust
My love for you is elegant
A palace as beautiful as a cobweb
At dawn
You, more precious than anything
I own, and yet owning you
Makes you all the more precious
To me
My diamond
Shining in all facets


By MBBlissett

Writer. Working on book-length projects and posting fiction and poetry here.

You can find more about me here:

Represented by SMART Talent Agency (

I am available for writing projects via my agent, Kelly and I look forward to hearing from you.

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