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Take Care

That restlessness

A sharp toothed anxiety

Politely voiced and mitigated

As a vague sense

Of being lost in familiar circumstances

And the dull eyed men before

Ignore or dismiss it

But I know

That the rough handed application

Of my authority is

A prescription without signature

A quiet certainty to my touch



High walls to keep out

The wailing ghosts

Here, I offer


Space and something strong

To thrash against

A violence of thought

Afloat in the thick cream

Of your desires

In my hands, your perfume

Rising in the air

Bracing against the sting

Come at me with everything

And I will be unmoved

Kicking and writhing

As you seize your pleasure

A pirate queen

Setting the rotten wood of neuroses


In your surrender, a different melodic

Beauty emerges

That only I see

Ushered forth

You’ve been such a

Bad girl, haven’t you

And I am here

To take care of that

A care taken

To bring forth the violent brilliance

Of your desire



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