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Despite my deference,

Chivalry as a form of self-control

Something about you

Draws out the raw, feral dark

That sleeps lightly in my bones

And I would nuzzle

Caress your soft skin

If I were to tell you

How you occupy the rich forests

Little girl in a red cloak

And I wait in grandmother’s house

Salivating at the thought

Of you casting your clothes

Into the fire

Because with me,

You won’t need them anymore

And I would, with a tenderness that

Left bruises,

Sink my teeth deep

And I have imagined my favourite places

Where the meat is sweetest

Skin soft like summer fruit

Where your juices flow deep

Sweet and heady as wine,

And I will leave my mark upon you

You will trace it’s passage

And smile at it’s sting.


6 thoughts on “Teeth

  1. You are very welcome, I love music almost as much as i love breathing. Your words inspired my admiration and my words were intended as my highest compliment.


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