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Desire’s White Flag

Control serving as

Trust and how my

Strong hands

Create a means

To wave desire’s white flag aloft

The urgency with which

I direct you

Calling forth

The primal seed

Of your flowering desire


My hands lock you down

To release you

I command you to come forth

That here, beneath the

Immovable weight of my

Attention, I find you beautiful

In your freedom

A gift that I give you

Strong squeezing motions

Pulling as you push

Pushing as you pull

Taking and guiding you

Where I want you

The most and here,

Is the woman that you

Would wish to be

Free and imprisoned

These are not acts of

Charitable investment

But a delicious savagery

Where I show you

How a man is,

How a woman is,

And thereafter

You writhe with glee

Against warm sheets,

Never quite so beautiful

As when I possess you

With biting precision

I have made you anew

And you will bear the marks

As badges of honour

Cooed over in secret

Mirror sessions when the

Shadows are longer and

I am far from reach


7 thoughts on “Desire’s White Flag

    • Thank you. I enjoy writing about desire, the brevity of poetry lends itself to a degree of discipline and allusion rather than being crude. I do half the work then let the reader finish off the meaning.

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      • It’s one of the reasons I love poetry. I love the discipline it imposes. I’ve been enjoying your poetry. Always a pleasure to read and always so much power in your words šŸ˜Š Enjoy your weekend!


      • Thank you, I don’t consider myself a poet, simply someone who writes poetry and the structure helps me with my prose too. I’m glad you enjoy my work, it’s why we write after all, to be read.

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      • I struggle too. We all do but it’s the struggle that makes the art come alive. Your joy comes from the process and if you source your love in the work, it lends itself to sustainable fulfilment and success on your own terms.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I agree. I haven’t looked back since I started writing. Like all of us who write, I do it for the love of the process. At this point I can’t imagine not writing šŸ˜Š


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