beauty, desire, dominance, emotion, empowerment, erotic poetry, erotic writing, erotica, hunger, love, lust, masculinity, passion, pleasure, poetry, seduction, sensuality, sex, sexuality, storm, strength, surrender, touch, wildness, women

Globes And Columns

The fullness of you
Ripe like summer orchards
A harvest and I claim it all
Globes and columns
A sweet density
That begs for
My attentions
Calmly amused
By your play
Unmoved on the
My resolution
In the face of the
my strengths
Have made you
Shown that the
Old conceits
Hold no sway
And new realisation
Terrified you with
The force of your
Become your
Fears because
They don’t suit you
And in surrender
I shall
Fuck that weak
Tired fear from you
Make you ache
With a want to
Level mountains


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