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Strong Dark Wine

Dead planets

Orbit you

Star songs screaming how

Lovely you are for so long

And so often that

You’re deaf to it, aren’t you?

Adoration given freely

Is kitten puppy child work

But earn my attention

Fight for it

And it is sweeter

For it’s achievement

The air atop a mountain

The taste of that water which was

Drawn from beneath stone

Let your sweetness

Make it’s own compelling case

But assumptions of tribute

Turn me cold and oh how

You long to feel the tongues of flame

Lick at your skin

Your fingers through the fur

Touched until your thoughts

Are smashed to smithereens

Apprehensions turned to notes

I conduct you, my darling

Like the soft, sweet symphony

You are, and how delightful

It is to break you against

The hard wall of my will

Your beauty brings out

The strong dark wine

And would you drink deeply

If I offered it up?


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