Valentines Scars

What I feel

Would not fit upon

A card

The petals would be

Ashes in the heat

Of my want

The chocolates would

Melt but you could

Suck them in creamy

Gobbets from my fingers

The underwear

Torn into shreds

Your beauty

Makes me rage with


Because I am

A fucking wolf

And you,

My full moon

Any boy

Can tell you

How they need you

But I would rather

Show you the depth

And fury of

My want

If the force of it

Leaves scars,

I will





17 thoughts on “Valentines Scars

  1. My comments are not showing up randomly. I had already commented on this. So weird. WP is really glitchy sometimes. Anyway, I had said that this is my kind of Valentine and that I really like the part about the petals turning to ash. That’s really hot! Very sexy poem, Matt!


      1. That’s a great field. In our era it occupies the role that shamans and apothecaries did in earlier civilisations. I’ve read about Tesla and Edison before and how the first piece of science fiction was written by an electrical engineer. Thank you for reading it. The feedback is important to me


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