beauty, desire, dominance, emotion, erotic poetry, hunger, lust, man, masculinity, men, passion, poetry, seduction, sensuality, sex, women

Never Accidental

His touch speaks
A language
Different to his
Having dived into
His own darkness
And brought up
Brighter than gold
How he commands
You with an amused
Kindness whispers
Things that boil
In your bones
Fluent in your desire
Crawling across the floor
Eyes kitten wide
Underwear between your
A warm curious tongue
That makes you flush
With the anticipation
Of where it might go
Who knows how
Sometimes you’re
Fragile gossamer
And touched light as breath
And other occasions
Handled cajoled
Told and instructed
With marks that
You’d wear like medals
How he is a cocked
Fletched and fired arrow
As he is bow and archer
His certainties, sometimes
Playful make him
Capable and how oh how
He breaks you
with considered
and subtle pain
Tearing you apart
And rebuilding you
And how you
Surge with a
Release that feels
Like a car crash
But his hands
On you
Are never


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