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Tennessee Wine/Drink You Away

Caught this when they broadcast the CMAs here in the UK. The two halves were a superlative whole, and no, I’m not apologising. Country music is wine, women, heartache and love. I tend to lean towards the earlier, more bluesy primitive stuff but this was wonderful.

I like Justin Timberlake, he does interesting things and here’s another of my favourite tunes, the most fruitful of his collaboration with Timbaland.

The dance sequence where he tears her tights away is a lovely bit of choreography. Modern dance has done some wonderful things to express the polarity of sexuality within it.


13 thoughts on “Tennessee Wine/Drink You Away

    • I was delightfully surprised by it. As I said, I like some country but mainly the more bluesy, primal stuff so normally the CMAs are a bit of a disappointment but that was brilliant, wasn’t it? Life throws up some lovely surprises. Thank you for commenting, it’s always really appreciated


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