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Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway

If we must talk genres, then I have a preference for the ones that have a sense of joy to them, well dressed mutants with a glint in their eye, a curation rather than a marketing strategy. Neil Gaiman has a lot of that down pat but then there are writers like Nick Harkaway who combine fantasy, horror, noir and everything else that intrigues them into fierce, hilarious adventures that leave you breathless.

Angelmaker is brilliant. It combines the best elements of steampunk, horror, crime and thriller allied to a sepia tinted nostalgia for an era of crime and a sense of what the world promised against what it delivered. I read it in two days, in impassioned gulps of reading as Harkaway led me through the journey of Joe Spork, son of the infamous London criminal Matthew, working as a horologist in a dingy part of London.

It has a ribald sense of humour throughout, a wide eyed appreciation for the tropes of unrepentant villains and strange cults as well as a recognition of what horrors are perpetuated in the name of security. It also has, which has become a trademark of his work, a breathtaking grasp of how to pace and resolve a climax in a book of this nature. I loved it unreservedly. I hope you will too.


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