Glorious Aggression

We endure
Because strength
Is not an absolute
The little wars
That we fight alone
Can wound as wholly
As any mud churned

Staggering around
Looking for what was
Lost in the aftermath
Or dying in a desert
Of your imagination
As glass eyed buildings
Remain immobile
At the sight of your
Tearful pleas

I have the strength
To lift my sword
Without apology
If the world has had
Cause to break me
It has only made
Me stronger

I see the flashes
Of pain
In the bitter smiles
Of passersby
And it has made
Me kinder

My sentiments
Are offered without
Of return
My kindness
Is not weakness
And I am not
Always gentle

Look the storm
Of the world’s madness
In its eyes
See the soul that
Writhes at its heart
And extend a warm

It may be the most
Glorious aggression
You will ever wield

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