Beneath One Another’s Nails

I am swollen with need

Dare you step down

From your pedestal

Your bare feet tingling

Against the dark, rich dirt

Of the forest that my desire

Gifts with life

To rake your nails

Against my fur

To feel the furnace of my breath

Against your throat

That ceaseless trembling

Abated by the calm strength

Of my hands running over you

Can you crack the armour

To see the animal beneath

It’s kind eyes blazing with a lust

That calls to the places within you

To be smeared and tasted

Hard, glottal cries

As we kiss and lick and stroke

Away our concerns and deliberations

Come, my love,

Show me the courage to fuck

With eyes and soul open

Fuck me until our skin

Gathers beneath our nails

Until every swallow

Carries the flavour of one another

Until we bear





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