I will not beg

The flaws and foibles

That serve as punchlines

Are scars of inexperience

The tissue there, grows

Back harder and so,

No one cuts me in the same place

With the same weapons, coated in naivete

And projections of the past

Because, my darling,

Self deprecation drains me to the point

Where i cannot lift my sword,

So no, no apologies.

My heart is not merely an organ

It is a kingdom

Where the clouds of desire

Gather the red warmth until they are full

And if I let you in,

You must learn to dance

Beneath the rain when it comes

Let it shine on your skin

Turning your clothes

To second skin

It is well guarded

And not everyone makes

The journey

Which is their tragedy

But the road ahead

Calls and when my mouth

Finds you,

When my fingers pluck and

Pinch until you are near mad

With a fever that you never

Want to sweat out

You will wonder if you

Ever have cause to leave


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