Project Laughter 07/07/2015

I went for and got a pure burst of anxiety onto the page.  I don’t believe in perfect protagonists and I’m bored of seeing that or flaws that are decorative.  So I’m not afraid to make Tom look bad because it shows the stakes for him.
I use his ability as a comedian to cut down others.  He isn’t,  in his lower moments,  punching up. I don’t state that but I show it and yet these moments happen in hindsight because I’m writing from a place of relative unconscious mind. 
So two pages powered through and they benefitted from an insightful article by Craig Clevenger about description. I’m cheerfully open about my flaws but they’re not immovable.  I can improve and I aim to. 
When you have a purpose,  even the weaknesses are opportunities and although no one writes for the drawer, I’ve got scraps and exercises that are awful but I learned from them.
So, go out and seize your joy.

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